Saturday, June 7, 2008

Funday at the Beach

After slogging through the swamps, after toiling through old battlefields, after driving the long and winding road, we found ourselves south. South as in someplace lighter. Someplace brighter. Namely, the beach.

We breezed through the upscale disaster of Biloxi, MS. Hurricane Katrina made landfall here a few years back, and it shows. However, the beaches are back and the town, once blown off its foundations, is not only back in business it is rebuilding with a vengeance.

The truth is that we didn’t go south just to see the aftermath of a hurricane. We went south so we could go east. Because, as it happens, the Florida panhandle hosts some of the greatest beaches in the world. If you like miles of sugar sand beaches and an ocean of crystal-clear water and big crowds, you'll like Pensacola, FL.

If you like miles of sugar sand beaches, crystal-clear water, and no crowds, you will fall in love with the state park in Destin, FL. It's cheap and it’s right on the beach.

There’s not much to say about loafing around on a white sand beach, other than to say that it’s pretty much the greatest.

We like these Florida beaches so much that we’re going to keep going south. We hear that the beaches of on Key West are even better. While there, I’m thinking that I will rent a small boat. I will go out to sea. I hope to catch a very big fish. I am not getting any younger.


  1. Hey ya'll! You missed Meg in N.O. (doing a nursing program thataway, long story). Missed her on the beach in FL, too (she was there with a friend between classes). Great blog you've got going. Keep it up Mike. Hey Diane!!! Lemme know when you two hit the West Coast. You both are looking good in the shots; I feel like I'm right there with you. Cheers. _Curt

  2. Hey Curt!

    Great to hear from you! Sorry we missed both you and Meg. We plan to be back on the west coast this fall; and I'm hoping we'll see you both then.

    Thanks for reading!